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Wolverine II

X-Men Series 2 - 1992

X-Men Classics - 1995

This Wolverine is of him in his original costume when he joined the X-Men in Giant Size X-Men #1. You can tell it's of his original yellow costume since there is no X symbol on his belt. This figure itself would be reused several times for other Wolverine variants. I'm really not sure why it came with a handgun though. The claws on this figure could be pushed into his forearms, but they would not stay by themselves and they could not go completely into his arms. The figure also has twisting action - a place to put you thumb on his back to twist him from side to side to make him slash his claws.

Figure ability: Pop out claws, twisting slash action


X-Men - Series 2
X-Men - Classics (only)


Samurai Sword
X-Men - Classics (only)
Figure hieght: 4.8 Inches

Points of Articulation: 10

Other figure pictures: (click to bring up a larger version)

This figure's head was reused on the following figures:
Space Wolverine in X-Men - Phoenix Saga in 1994
Magnetic Armor Wolverine in X-Men - Mutant Armor in 1996
Wolverine in X-Men - Battle Bases in 1998

This figure's body was reused on the following figures:
Wolverine in X-Men - Battle Bases in 1998
Wolverine in X-Men - Strike Team Set in 1998
Wolverine in Marvel Hall of Fame - Series 3 in 1996

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